JOS BELL retired GIS Manager of

Central Arkansas Water and Pulaski Area Geographic Information System (PAgis)

Offering a background in Geographical Information Systems and Engineering Technology.

I have been involved with GIS since 1994. Until my retirement, I was the GIS manager for Central Arkansas Water in the metropolitan area of Little Rock, Arkansas. Through Inter-Local Management Agreement with six governmental entities, I was also Pulaski Area Geographic Information System (PAgis) manager. In that role, I managed the shared planimetric and addressing data for the member agencies. I was project manager for the implementation of an enterprise ArcSDE system serving four remote sites within Central Arkansas Water.

I came to the water industry after twenty-two years of military service as an Engineering Assistant Superintendent, with the rank of Senior Master Sergeant. Prior to my previous position, I was an Engineering Assistant-IV for the engineering department of Central Arkansas Water. I hold a associate's in applied science degree in civil engineering technology from the Community College of the Air Force, a bachelor of science degree in industrial technology from Southern Illinois University (SIU), and a diploma in surveying and mapping from North American School of Surveying and Mapping. I have also completed several ESRI resident training sessions, and have served as vice chair and chair until my retirement for the statewide Arkansas GIS Users Forum.